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transforming Isolated Screen Time

into playful Together time

Immersiva is an interactive technology company built by storytellers and educators.

Our mission is to strengthen human connection and promote active learning in the digital age.


we bridge the gap

between gaming & streaming

Immersiva takes new + existing content libraries and easily transforms them into playful co-doing experiences that promote togetherness, active learning, and digital wellness.

Immersiva in action 2

Transforming Content Into Human Connection


By turning phones and tablets into family “game controllers”, we allow kids and caregivers to interact with streamable programming, one another, and the environment around them.

CREATE MORE PLAYFUL ENGAGEMENT while promoting human interaction

with several types of


Social Viewing

Allow multiple viewers to connect, even if they are in different locations.

Branching Narratives

Put viewers in control to change the direction of the storyline.

Make A Selection

Multiple choice, true or false... you get the idea.

Type In

Allow viewers to input short responses for mad libs, fill in the blank, crosswords, etc.

Complete Action

Ask viewers to complete a task before moving forward.

Prompt Viewers

Multiple viewers? Prompt just one,
a few or all of them.

And More...

We've got even more up
our sleeves!

grab your phone or tablet

see it in action

we offer the tools & Expertise

to help The best storytellers create interactive formats that:


Consumer engagement & brand affinity beyond traditional mediums & formats.


More informed content & consumer marketing based on data & analytics.


Current & future content libraries in a fast & cost-effective way.

Transform your content into
playful experiences.

Transform your content into playful experiences.

We bring best in class storytellers, together with technology, to make great shows interactive.

Immersiva turns phones and tablets into interactive controllers, easily letting viewers engage with and respond to your programming.

Grab your phone or tablet, and see it in action.

Easy To Create

 We offer the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you create interactive  formats that encourage viewer participation  and inspire conversation.


Easy to Stream

Viewers scan a QR code that’s generated at the corner of your video player, turning their device into an interactive controller.

Increase Engagement

Draw new viewers and encourage repeat viewing.

Inspire Social Viewing

Bring everyone together, even if they are apart.

Utilize Data & Analytics

Learn how viewers engage with your programming to inspire new content.

Utilize Data & Analytics

Learn how viewers engage with your programming to inspire new content.