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transforming Isolated Screen Time

into playful Together time

Immersiva is an interactive platform that supports digital and family wellness, while uplifting the journey of parenthood.

Children and their caregivers are brought together to co-view and play
on-screen and off-screen, to support cognitive, social and behavior skills.

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Trusted By Researchers

in early childhood development and digital wellness

the most scalable whole-bodied

family wellness solution in the marketplace

By turning phones and tablets into “interactive controllers”, families are guided to engage with programming, one another, and the environment around them. 

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We Bridge The Gap

Between Gaming & Streaming Television

Immersiva’s technology takes new and existing content libraries and easily transforms them into playful co-viewing and co-doing experiences that explore parenthood, early childhood, and all the emotions that go with it.

supporting families

across industries


a new way for brands & storytellers to engage with viewers.


a new way to scale instruction-led learning.


a new type of offering for family wellness.

with several types of


Social Viewing

Allow multiple viewers to connect, even if they are in different locations.

Branching Narratives

Put viewers in control to change the direction of the storyline.

Make A Selection

Multiple choice, true or false... you get the idea.

Type In

Allow viewers to input short responses for mad libs, fill in the blank, crosswords, etc.

Complete Action

Ask viewers to complete a task before moving forward.

Prompt Viewers

Multiple viewers? Prompt just one,
a few or all of them.

And More...

We've got even more up
our sleeves!